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About North Cyprus



Norther Cyprus is a breath taking historic and natural beauty part of Cyprus. North Cyprus sits in the mighty Mediterranean Sea. Close to Turkey’s southern coast, it is surrounded by Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel and Greece. The coastline sandy beaches of North Cyprus are the main summer attraction for tourists in Cyprus. Likewise, North Cyprus also boasts an awe-inspiring mountain range. If you want to really savor all the incredible sites of North Cyprus, it is highly recommended to contact us at Kyrenia Rent a Car with our services will allow you to fully explore the beauty of this island.


The population of North Cyprus ‘s 50% of the population resides in cities and the other 50% in the countryside. You will find the residents of North Cyprus to be warm, hospitable people who welcome their visitors with open arms.


In North Cyprus Summer is the most popular holiday season, as it lasts from about mid-May until mid-October. The weather during this season is sunny, hot and comfortable. Spring and Autumn are very mild and short seasons in North Cyprus. Although the Winter months are the most rainy days of the whole year but it is still warm season. With its more than 300 days of sunshine, North Cyprus is definitely a paradise for all sun-lovers.


The Turkish language is mainly used in North Cyprus as the Turkish Cypriots reside there. English is the second mostly spoken language in North Cyprus.


The main currency used in North Cyprus is the Turkish Lira.
Symbol: (TürkLirasi)
Banknotes: 100, 50, 20, 10, 5
Coins: 1 and 50, 25, 10, 5, 1 kurus

Sterling pound, US dollar, Euro and some other major currencies are also used in certain places and can be exchanged in banks and exchange bureaux .


In North Cyprus, electricity supply is the standard European 220/240 voltage. The sockets fit the UK-system three pin plugs. There are also occasional two pin continental plugs found here. Adaptors are available for purchase in stores or can be obtained in some hotels.


North Cyprus is GMT+2. In the summer months, the clocks are forwarded one hour.

Tags: cyprus, main, north, summer, turkish, population, language, days, beauty


Nicosia Head Office
Abdi Ipekci Avenue No 10, Nicosia P.O. Box :303
Northern Cyprus via Mersin 10 Turkey
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Kyrenia Branch
Zafer Apt., 20 Temmuz Kordonboyu Ave., Kyrenia
Northern Cyprus via Mersin 10 Turkey
Tel: + 90 392 815 23 02

Ercan Airport Branch
Ercan Airport, Northern Cyprus,
via Mersin 10 Turkey
Tel: + 90 392 231 42 27



+90 392 228 83 81

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