Kyrenia Rent a Car

Kyrenia Rent a Car is one of the online car rental brands of Sun Rent A Car, being the leading car rental firm in North Cyprus since 1978. Kyrenia Rent a Car has the largest fleet in the car rental sector of North Cyprus. Even though many companies operate in Cyprus rental car industry, 37 years of experience guarantees the quality of trust and service to customers.
Kyrenia Rent a Car, intendeds to provide the ability to rent a car to it’s customers with competitive and affordable prices online.
We offer secure and fast car rental service in North Cyprus at the three main points including Nicosia, Kyrenia and Ercan Airport offices. You can pick your rental car whether you are in Nicosia, Kyrenia or as soon as you arrive at Ercan Airport and you are also able drop off at any of our offices.

Car rental in North Cyprus

Inadequate conditions on public transport in the country, has paved the way for the development of car rental industry in TRNC. People living in TRNC having their own cars, in-country distances being short, lack of dense population in North Cyprus and the lack of public transportation related investment in North Cyprus are among the factors driving the revival of TRNC car rental market. Besides the different aspects of the island's tourism-prone structure have affected the way of the car rental market in North Cyprus.
North Cyprus originally housed many civilizations attracts the attention of anyone who visits the country with a rich historical heritage. By renting a car in North Cyprus it is possible to visit the historic sites at any time you wish, without having to depend on anyone.
Natural beauty of the country is another tourist attraction. Kyrenia mountains at the confluence of the sea coast, Saint Hillarion Castle not just as a historical monument but as an inspiration to lots of stories and movies, coastal beaches of Famagusta and Zafer Burnu paved with golden sand beaches, covered with endemic vegetation of the Bafra region are the places to be seen when visiting North Cyprus. All of these are qualities that will enrich your journey to see Cyprus when renting a car. The health tourism-related developments in recent years in North Cyprus have made it a center of attraction for people from different countries. Renting a car in Northern Cyprus for those who are here for health tourism will allow them to spend time more comfortably.

Who are we?

Our Head Group Company Sun Rent A Car was founded in 1978 as a family company, with a fleet of 5 cars. Since the first years of its establishment, the company’s first priority has been to offer customer-oriented service and always paying attention to the needs of the customers. Having a fleet of 335 cars to date and a 24/7 online reservation facility to its customers offered by the Kyrenia Rent a Car brand, Sun Rent A Car is the largest rental car company in North Cyprus in the car rental sector.
Our developing customer-focused perspective is on-going. Quality of service in Cyprus car rental industry is always our focus, in line with this philosophy to our customers, we have set ourselves as a target for renovation to provide a much better service. Sun Rent A Car has initially also with the Kyrenia Rent a Car brand was always the first to offer value-added services to the car market, which has been in the leadership and has been the example company to its competitors.
Kyrenia Rent a Car's focus is to ensure the safety of customers and make sure their car rental process in Cyprus will be a good experience for them. To this end, we always ensure that our rental vehicles are in good condition; all our cars before being rent are serviced and controlled by our qualified mechanical and electrical technicians.

Why Kyrenia Rent a Car?

  • Part of the leading car rental company in the rental industry in Cyprus since 1978.
  • Large and young fleet
  • Kyrenia Rent a Car website gives the opportunity to rent a car 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • We offer customer service 24 hours a day 7 days a week at our Ercan office.
  • Offices in Kyrenia, Nicosia and North Cyprus Ercan Airport.
  • Convenience of pick up and drop off at 3 of our offices.

Free services that Kyrenia Rent a Car offers

  • Baby seat on request
  • Child seat on request
  • Car wash
  • 24/7 road service
  • Cyprus map

Our refurbished Kyrenia Rent a Car web site is available 24/7 ensuring that you make your bookings more quickly and easily.

Our quality policy

In Kyrenia Rent a Car, quality being more than a goal to be achieved, it is a process that we believe needs sustainability and a continuous improvement. In accordance with this belief, we have accepted the ultimate goal of having customer satisfaction and shaped the quality policy in line with the following principles.
Stability, job severity, continuous and surely growth, quality being always at the forefront, is among our most important feature in the market position, ensuring us of being the leading company in North Cyprus.
We focus on training of our employees , making their contributions, job motivation and improving the quality of service which are among our objectives.
Our professional customer representatives are equipped in their field, speaking both Turkish and English, with car rental and transfer service, Cyprus’s car rental requirements, our company principle and also can provide exhaustive information about the solution of any problem that may arise relating to the vehicle.
The importance we place on corporate values increases our employees concern and enhancement of the company. Commitment to developing the institution staff naturally increases our business productivity. The value that we provide our employees with internal clients provides efficiency in our external customer satisfaction. We offer car rental services needed by ensuring the satisfaction of both internal and external customers, we integrate this into our before and after sales with our service quality.
Our strong and experienced technical team give support to our customers with 24/7 roadside assistance. Our technical team is equipped with the experience and ability for our customers to overcome all kinds of problems related to the vehicle as soon as possible. No matter the time of the day our customers can reach our technical team on our phone number +90 392 228 83 81 regarding whatever issue they have.
Being a company that has developed the ability give response with informative information on every type of problem which can be encountered as well as having the 24/7 technical support is among our companies winning features of having a competitive advantage. Our technical team is obliged to carry out their activities to ensure that our customers encounter fewer problems with their car hire in Cyprus. In doing so, our technical team have the technical supervision, being responsible for the routine maintenance and repair of vehicles before and after each use. Our company has closely followed developments related to the sector and these developments are applied as rapidly as possible. Following the research and development projects related to the field is one indication of our consciousness towards evolving and developing.

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Nicosia Head Office
Abdi Ipekci Avenue No 10, Nicosia P.O. Box :303
Northern Cyprus via Mersin 10 Turkey
Fax: + 90 392 228 37 00 

Kyrenia Branch
Zafer Apt., 20 Temmuz Kordonboyu Ave., Kyrenia
Northern Cyprus via Mersin 10 Turkey
Tel: + 90 392 815 23 02

Ercan Airport Branch
Ercan Airport, Northern Cyprus,
via Mersin 10 Turkey
Tel: + 90 392 231 42 27



+90 392 228 83 81

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