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There is no regular and effective public transport in Cyprus so having a car is the best way to get around this Mediterranean island. Take a minute to read these helpful tips and remember that pre-booking will always save you money. If you are planning to go to wilderness areas such as the Akamas Peninsula, Cape Greco or the Troodos Mountains you may find a four by four vehicle to be your best bet. Worldwide Car Hire Worldwide Car Hire From RHINOCARHIRE Car Hire UK, USA and Worldwide Are there any special requirements for driving in Cyprus? Driving is on the left with overtaking on the right. Despite this rule drivers in Cyprus will often 'undertake' you on the left which can be extremely dangerous and so you should keep vigilant. Cyprus has exactly the same road system as in the United Kingdom so visitors from former commonwealth countries will adapt easily. If you are from a country that drives on the right then be sure to take your time to get used to the roads and drive defensively. Cypriots tend to be quite aggressive drivers. This means that cars will often pull out in front of you when it is your right of way and you should always check that nothing is coming even if you have a green light. Tailgating on the motorway is also common as many drivers do not use the left hand lane as the regular lane and the right hand lane for overtaking only. Quite a few of the roads have small potholes and uneven cambers but on the whole the road system is very good and Cyprus has the most motorways per capita out of all the European Union members. Drivers tend to be very liberal with their use of the horn and will even use it in built up areas at night, though this is not legal. Rush hour in Cyprus, from 7am to 8.30am and from 4.30pm to 6pm should be avoided like the plague, especially in the cities. Falling Rocks Sign in Cyprus Because of the lack of public transport there are too many cars for the road system to handle at peak times. Headlights must be used half and hour before sunrise and half and hour before sunset and sunglasses should be kept in the car at all times as the island has 340 days of strong sunshine per year. Most rental companies will not let you take your car to the occupied territory of Northern Cyprus. What should I do if an accident occurs? Do not move your car (unless it is in a dangerous position which might lead to another accident) and wait for the police to arrive. You should have two red warning triangles in your car for these situations. You can call them on 112. In the meantime swap insurance information and addresses with the other driver. If you have a camera handy take pictures of the accident for police and insurance purposes. You should give a copy of the police report to your insurance company. What are the seat belt regulations in Cyprus ? All passengers must wear seatbelts and children under the age of five must not sit in the front seat. Children aged between 5 and 10 can sit in the front but only if they are in an appropriate child seat. It is illegal to drive while talking on a mobile phone. What are the motorway signs? Motorway signs are in green. They are labelled with the prefix A, and go from A1 to A22. Signs across the island are labelled in both Greek and English and are easy to follow, though sometimes an area will be signposted once and not again for a while. The island is small enough that you will find your way eventually. Motorway Sign Cyprus How much does fuel cost in Cyprus? As of summer 2009, Unleaded 98 fuel costs 0.96 Euros per litre approximately. 15% VAT is included in all prices. Gas stations can be used 24 hours with cash or credit card and if you go during normal working hours an attendant will normally pump your gas and wash your windshield for you. What is the alcohol limit? The drinking limit is 39 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milligrams of breath and 90 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milligrams of blood. What documents do I need? You need to have your driving licence, your passport, some proof of insurance (including third party fire and liability insurance) and your vehicle registration information. Can I use my domestic licence in Cyprus? Yes if you have an EU drivers licence, otherwise you need an International Driver's Permit. What phrases might I find useful when driving? Diesel – Mazot Unleaded – Kursunsuz benzin Thank you – Efharisto I don't understand – Den Kataleveno Hello - Yiassas How much is this? - Posa Kostizi afto Are there any toll roads? There are no toll roads in Cyprus though the government in currently in the throes of introducing a system to encourage car pooling, i.e a lane which is only to be used for buses and cars with more than one occupant. What are the speed limits? 50 kilometres per hour in built up areas. 100 kilometres per hour on highways. The motorways in Cyprus are mostly dual carriageways. What is the conversion for kilometres to miles? The conversion from kilometres to miles per hour is one kilometre = 0.62 miles per hour. Therefore the speed in built up areas is 31 miles per hour. What is the minimum age for driving? To rent a car in Cyprus you should 21 years of age with a minimum of three years driving experience. There may be a young driver surcharge for drivers under the age of 25. There is a maximum age limit, enquire with our staff about this. What number do I call for the emergency services in Cyprus? The emergency services number is 112. The American Embassy is at Metochiou and Ploutarchou Streets in Engomi, 2407 and can be called on 357 2-277-6400. What should I know about parking? There are parking meters throughout the city which are not very inexpensive. They work on an hourly basis, but do not have to be paid on Saturday afternoons. Cypriots tend to park wherever they like and you can often find spots to park in the cities which have no single or double yellow lines. If you park and block someone in be sure to leave a note with your phone number in the car.

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